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Don't say tomorrow - the Prisonaires

Long break since number 1 in September. Been away as they say, but back now with a vengeance.

So listen to this: , relax to the pure doo-wop sound and then come back.......

What's going through your mind as you listen to this? Nostalgia for long hot summer days, maybe bees buzzing in the background, the sadness of happy memories, times that will never be relived?

Which is strange, as the song is all about today, being happy today while we have the chance, as we can't tell what will happen tomorrow. Listen again.....

The Prisonaires were a five piece from the Tennessee State Penitentiary who recorded from 1953 to 1955. Sam Phillips heard about them and brought them out under heavy guard to record "Just Walkin' in the Rain", a track written by their lead singer Johnny Bragg which sold 50,000 copies and was later a hit for Johnny Ray.

So maybe the whistful yearning isn't all our imagination, given that they were serving sentences for between 5 and 99 years for offences ranging from larceny through to rape, manslaughter and murder.

Doo-wop as redemption, or even release? It works for me.

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