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It's Only Mystery - Arthur Sims

In Luc Besson's early movie "Subway", Christopher Lambert spends almost as much time looking quizzically at the busking community in the Paris metro, and the rough sleeping musicians on the streets above as he does running away from the Metro police. But really he is cool, and the dosser musico's are all cool (oui, man), and we realise he is gathering them together to form his dream band. So we have a big dose of French soppy romanticism, but Besson gets away with it because sidekick Erric Serra (shown in the clip playing bass) has written a great song, and the sequence where Sims and the band gel as the take continues is totally charming, Sims beginning tentatively and slightly out of tune and gaining confidence as the band warms to him.

and some (though not all) great words

"how can we keep on watching the fucking tv

We're so bored, we don't even care what we see....?

Takes our strength away

and never, never shows us the way"

and just in case you still think he can't sing, listen to the longer, complete version they recorded for the final titles.

Let the credits roll.

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