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Walking to New Orleans - Fats Domino

Fats Domino Romantic Trilogy part two - romance gone wrong.

Yes he's still walking........

Pip pop, pip pop, pip pop, pip pop, strings, and then - Fats.

"This time I'm walking to New Orleans" - he's still walking, this time to New Orleans, and he's walking off his blues because he's split with his woman - maybe the sad sequel to the woman he first met in "I Want to Walk You Home" but now the romance has gone - she's spent all his money and he's walking home, suitcase in hand. Home, home to New Orleans where you can have the blues and sing it and make it feel good and back it with a repeated two finger rock 'n' roll piano chord so simple it sounds like a dejected walk.

"I've got no time for talking

I've got to keep on walking"

we've all been there and like Fats, we know the best way back is to our roots.

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