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Prisoner in Disguise - Souther Hillman Furey Band

This is a song to mend the frayed edges of the soul, and soothe you in those moments when you're hanging on in there waiting for winter to end, and that endless feeling of grey to evaporate into spring, But also to tell you to pull yourself together and stop feeling sorry for yourself:

"you think the love you never had

might have saved you...... just act like a fool on a holiday

there's nothing you wouldn't try......

this city is no place to hide in

everybody knows your number

and I don't believe you could ever be alone

if you tried........ must be a prisoner in disguise....."

it's written and beautifully sung by Ritchie Furey, one sixth of the failed supergroup, the Souther Hillman Furey band, but also one of the many great unrecognised songwriters of the West Coast era. and as a critique of self pity this is is so good it cheers you up.

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