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Back in Time - Gillian Welch

Back baby, back in time, I wanna go back to when you were mine.

Sixties week is over - the disco for the seventieth birthday is over. Lasting memory is of a table of 60 - 80 year old widows, ten of them, all talking and laughing non-stop. And when I upped the pace of the music, they were all on the floor dancing like there was no tomorrow.

So we can get a little more up to date to 2003 with the immortal Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Welch's music is all about the past, modernising the traditional without loosing its essence, so that you seem to be travelling back into time, seeing the famers eking out a tough living in the dry south, or the midwest dustbowl, through a 21st century sensibility. In her music there is always a sense of real people, the common folk, and the feeling that it's timeless, that it's all coming round again.

So, we come forward to go back, right from that lazy organ intro to the opening lines:

"Standing on the corner with a nickel or a dime

there used to be a railcar to take you down the line"


"....Watching the times fall away to the side..."

but best of all

"Peaches in the summertime

apples in the fall

if I can't have you all the time

I won't have none at all."


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