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White Bird - It's a Beautiful Day

Little piece of heaven by one of the many sixties Californian bands, It's a Beautiful Day, led by classical trained guitarist David LaFlamme.

Just as you have really begun to appreciate the bittersweet, tragically beautiful tune and vocal duet between LaFlamme and Patti Santos with its haunting double tracked violin, the climactic second instrumental break and sneaks up and knocks you out at exactly 3 minutes 20 in.

Starting with four pulse beats from drummer, guitarist Hal Wagenet's sad refrain backed by Mrs Linda LaFlamme's faint and sombre organ, then hubby's ominous violin opening, gradually taking off like the bird's frenzy as its dream of flying becomes a flutter in the cage to at last soar into the mind's sky, Mitchell Holman's bass exquisitely tiptoeing through all the while.

It's not often one namecheck's the whole of an obscure sixties band. But these guys deserve it for "White Bird" alone.

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