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A Reason for it All - Eric Bogle

It's late so we're going from an everyday tragedy in America (Back Street) to an everyday tragedy in Australia, from a sixteen year old young woman to a seventy plus old lady. And a question that echoes Joni Mitchell's of four days ago.

This is the wonderful and underrated singer songwriter Eric Bogle, a scotsman who emigrated to Australia.

This song was written after seeing a news story about an old lady discovered dead in her flat in Sydney. She had died of starvation, and the evidence showed that at the end she'd been living of cardboard cereal packets. Eric and musical sidekick John Munro put two belief systems to the test in the face of this beautiful song of doubt:

John's creed is :

Don't talk to me about the meaning of life

don't sing your songs that cut like a knife

I don't wanna hear

don't wanna hear it at all

lonely old people ain't my concern

from dust we come, to dust we return

and that's all there is

don't look for a reason in it all

but later, Eric counters with brave optimism:

Can't you understand what I'm trying to say

there must be an answer, there must be a way

to make some sense of this

to try to find a reason for it all

well we are not born just so we can die

there must be an answer and we gotta try

to make some sense of it

to try and find a reason for it all.

John's harsh, pragmatic view has more logic to it but Bogle's yearning, compassion is winning through as they argue into the darkness:-

"there must be a way, there must be a reason for it all."

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