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Heaven Knows - First Aid Kit

From one great female duo to another and from 95 to the present, the incomparable Soderberg sisters are currently cutting the mustard on the indie circuit.

Let the music speak for itself: high-paced, great lyrics, tune and harmonies. and that super frissant moment where two young women who look like adornments from a Jane Austen drawing room suddenly scream "STRAIGHT TO HELL", inexplicably giving me a liberating sense of exhilarating freedom. Why? I'm not sure why, but maybe it's something about the fact that it confirms we now live in a world where young women are aloud to be just as individual and determined and creative and sheer bloody-minded as men. Which is basically what they're singing about. Maybe it's just me - but isn't this song the character assassination of a man?

"(You've) paid so much attention to what you're not,

you have no idea who you are..."

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