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How She Boogalooed It / Car Crazy Cutie- the Beach Boys

The Beach Boys post Good Vibrations and Pet Sounds (1966) are often written off. This is because Brian Wilson wasn't quite as much at the helm as he used to be and the rest of the band gradually contributed more as time went on. The effect until 1973 is of a long period of experimentation, rather like an extended White Album. "How She Boogalooed it" from their 1967 "Wild Honey" album was written by most of the rest of the group namely Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and brother Carl, with no input from Brian as far as we can tell and impresses with it's simplicity and all round general funkiness (and unlike Beach Boyness).

Because this mini gem is so short and just in case you are hunkering for the early days, let's have something from 1963. Unlike most of the great US bands, most of whom say the people that first inspired them to pick up a guitar were the Beatles, the Beach Boys were producing their first successful records at almost exactly the same time as the Fab Four, and Brian Wilson has admitted that much of the time he was consciously competing with them, trying to outdo them musically and artistically. Car Crazy Cutie came from their 1963 album "Little Deuce Coupe", an early concept album with songs that are all about cars and hot -rodding. What is extraordinary is that a terrific number like this should be lost on an early record when it could be up there with their greatest hits.

Make sure you turn the volume to tops at the 2 minute mark, sing along and dance on your chair.....

" arun a doo run run

wo-ho-run arun a doo run run

wo-ho-run arun a doo run run...."

Oh yes, didn't I mention it? - Brian Wilson at his early best.

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