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Good Lovin' - the Rascals

After the epitaph to Eddie Cochran we need something quick rather than dead and there's nothing better than this example of the Rascals' blue eyed soul which launches into two and a half minutes of pure energy, right from the hurried one two three of the intro to the final love, love, love, love, love, followed swiftly by the ultimate exhausted chord.

The legendary Uncle Stylus discos are characterised by their high paced music where everyone stays on the dance floor for hours, so I was mystified when the numbers were reduced by the Rascals' attack on our senses. Until I realised it was just too fast, too full of energy. And maybe a little too mad, with all its yeahs and loves, the way the pace keeps being upped first by the introduction of the electrified guitar chords just before the chorus, and then by the guttural screams just before the scorching Booker T style Hammond solo.

The Rascals were some of what the Americans termed "white soul" ie: white boys singing soulfully, influenced by the Stax and Motown artists that were so big in the States in the 60's. And no-one does it better than the irrepressible Felix Cavaliere taking the lead here but there's also some terrific call and response between him and their other lead singer Eddie Brigati.

It is nuts,right from when he goes to his family doctor and asks "just what I had".......

I said, "Doctor,

"Mister M.D.,

"Now can you tell me,

What's ailin' me? ...]

all the while with the rest of band manically, hilariously repeating, pleading (Docterrr) at the end of each line

and the doctor, who has to be the funkiest doctor ever, delivers his verdict: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" before prescribing "good lovin'"

So simple, he goes to his girlfriend and says

Don't you want your baby to be all right? I said baby, "Now it's for sure"

I got the fever, yeah, and you got the cure

which is the cue for yet more insane "good lovin'" delivered with such demented enthusiasm you should all be dancing on the nearest table by now. Unless it's too fast for you too!

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