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Hotel Room - Edgar Broughton Band

Just to prove what I said about contrast, here's a complete contrast by the Edgar Broughton Band, with the sublime "Hotel Room".

Please turn it up as loud as you dare, put on headphones, do what you have to do. Once again, I've no idea what it's about, but it has this amazing sense of international departure about it. I remember my sixteen year old self listening to this imagining a large passenger jet airliner taking off, banking off to the left, always to the left, and I was snuggling up to myself, lonely, in a hotel room somewhere on my way home. The dream that I would meet a special someone out there. And listening now, it still emanates a purity that cleanses my soul.

"If I came into your city, hung up on a game

would you give me your assistance though you didn't know my name?"

"....I woke up in a hotel room and felt the weather couldn't touch me...."

"....don't want to wake up far away

to hear them say "we've found him"....."

and finally

"Old men, young men, tired and worn men,

raise your soul in the centre of life."

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