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What Do You Do (When Your Lover Leaves You) - the Tams

Now that we're in deep we may as well carry on that way. The consistently good and much underrated Tams from Atlanta, also cut all their records in Rick Hall's Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Georgia.

It starts off fairly ordinarily, with the delicate Joe South guitar and the Tams maundering "What do you do...?" questions like chanting monks then the gravelly voice of Charles Pope comes in bang on the minute mark:

....when she walks away

should I try to go on

should I try to be strong

should I try to forget

should I get on my knees

and beg her please please please please

or should I find someone new

tell me what to say

when she breaks your heart

when the teardrops fall

well I've got to know now

should I apologise

although I've done her no wrong

should I let her go home

somebody help me please.......

and he fades away, drowning in the well of his misery. The vocal epitome of despair.

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