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Nancy and Lee Week No 2: Sundown Sundown

An song about hope and yearning, the need to believe in something, that there is a perfect love for everyone, no matter how lonely, how cynical, how downtrodden, how bruised by life they are.

Lee (aka Sundown) knows he is doomed to a life of loneliness, he's a realist:

There's no-one in this world needs me

There's never gonna be

But he can't stop the natural urge to dream, and Nancy's gilded tones are perfect as an emotional holy grail, calling out to him across the wind blown sands of time

"Sundown, Sundown, I love you Sundown...."

But with a name like Sundown you realise he's a romantic loser, which is why he needs the dream all the more to keep going.

This is about more than just a vision of love never found, it's all of the secret dreams that inspire us with hope for the future. It's an articulation of the reality that we all need to have a dream to aim for. Otherwise why carry on?

Which is why it feeds that hope, and why we click the link and play it again.

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