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Arthur - the Tiger Lillies


What can you say? In England anytime, anywhere, especially in post Brexit England, if you don't get this, you ought to emigrate to one of your offshore havens and not come back.

The wonderful Tiger Lillies can be obscene, violent, savage, anti-establishment, anarchic, lyrical and tender. And they have never been more tender and lyrical than here in this ode to the modern ordinary Englishman. Lower class and neglected, this is the man from the estate, and you could say that lead singer and songwriter Martyn Jaques is being patronising in his romantic description of "Joe Normal" but I beg to differ:

"Arthur I love you

though you've got b.o.

and your trainers are dirty

and your brain's rather slow

Arthur I love you

though you read the Sun

and you wear a leisure suit

when you're having fun

and you're not a fascist

you're just a cock (or is it cog?)

and you keep a Pit-bull

'cause their a lovely dog

Arthur I love you

you're no piece of slime

just used and accused

by the ruling class swines

let's face it Arthur,

Arthur you're fucked

you never could say

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

that enough

was enough."

Despite the comments on Arthur's style and intelligence and the socialist rhetoric there is real love here, affection for the lifestyle and a love that appreciates the tragedy of his existence.

The word "enough" is repeated nine times, symbolising the levels of everything he suffers in life. And you realise that this is also a lament for a revolution than never happened.......and never will happen. So beautiful, so tragic, so unfair, so English.

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