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All Day - Tom Williams and the Boat

Listen twice, first time round just listen, don't watch. Second time round watch too.

Hastings based singer songwriter Tom Williams should have had a hit with this. If someone more famous had recorded it, it would have been massive.

An exercise in withheld tension:

"....and I've been looking forward to you all day......"

It's a staccato rhythm beginning, the chopped chords on the acoustic guitar suffused with latent energy like the noise emanating from a railway track as a fast train approaches and we're straight off waiting for it it arrive: and he holds back and he holds back, and when you thinks he's off at the first chorus , he's just changed gear and he's still holding back, second chorus,

then the "ooh oohs", and then we finally get there, as he musically articulates the tension of waiting for and arrival at the moment when he finally hooks up with her:

"And there's a house beside the river I've been driving past

there's a school right by it, and by the telephone mast

there's the phone box that I call you from with the change

I find on the backseat of my taxi when the day is gone."

the music says we've gotten there, but the words don't, so maybe he's just exploded with anticipation!

Normally I don't tout the video and say just listen, but this one's a treat, with the po-faced guy in the white socks and sneakers and amusingly knotted jumper, is a treat. His slowly built up dancing and suggestive hip wiggling ascending into parkour is one of those few videos that's so funny, so enchanting, so well edited that you can watch it over and over again. I know, I've done it. And if you ever feel low, it's a great pickup any time of day. All day.

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