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Angel - Aretha Franklin

Was going to carry on the thread, but that can wait. The news that Aretha Franklin has died today is just too sad.

To me, soul music is the highest musical achievement of mankind, and it peaked in the sixties and seventies. If Otis was the greatest male soul singer, then Aretha was certainly the greatest female singer.

Here's a song written by her sister Carolyn who was her constant companion, collaborator and backing singer through her greatest years, until she sadly succumbed to cancer in 1988.

This song shows the best of Aretha, that combination of power and delicacy that only she and Otis brought to soul music. Enough words, as she says herself:

You know rather than go through a long drawn out thing I think the melody on the box, will help me explain

and I'll give her the last words too:

Gotta find me an angel to fly away with me gotta find me an angel ooh and set me free

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