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Unguarded Moments - the Proclaimers

Just to show you that the Proclaimers' album "Born Innocent" ranges across the wide spectrum of musical pitch and intensity, here's a track from the other end of the scale - an intense rendition of the moments when you chance everything, as you make your move to ask someone for a dance, take that risk, which could mean anything, change your lives, create life even.

There by a whisper of a second or two, our lives hang, and the Proclaimers articulate the delicacy of it, the tragedy - the moment that could be so great and yet is so tiny:

"These unguarded moments when you move across the floor and look in my direction as I look back in yours a questions asked a pledge is made with fire in your eyes the unguarded moments remind me"

and the idea that it's all predestined if only we will take the risk: "....of a picture drawn upon my heart before I was 16 and though I'd never met you it felt real inside the dream we fought and loved and fought again till all the pain was gone but these unguarded moments lived on you take a chance and love someone there's nothing left to lose just let go and give in then you'll win, then you'll win...."

Sometime, we've all got to take that chance.

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