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Hold On I'm Coming - Sam and Dave

Talking about passion, here we have another kind of passion, also from Sam and Dave. The story goes that in an exchange between songwriters Isaac Hayes and David Porter, the latter called out "Hold on, I'm coming" when the former was impatiently waiting for him to come out of the bathroom and carry on working. Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that they were aware of the sexual context of the phrase they were using. The title line is so strong in itself, they had need for further innuendo. It's all there in the lascivious delivery of the vocals, the sensual ululations of Charles Axton's sax, and the sultry energy of Donald Duck Dunn, Al Jackson, Steve Cropper and co on bass, drums and lead guitar respectively. Waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom. Who were they trying to kid?

Best played very LOUD.

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