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Love is Strange - Mickey and Sylvia

Okay, okay this is a first for me, showcasing two different versions of the same song in two days. but you'll agree that we had to have this, for two reasons. Funnily enough the same two reasons as the Everly brothers, the guitar and the vocal, in this case the terrific electric guitar picking by Mickey Baker, especially his scorching pre-rock solo half way through; and the wonderfully sexy vocals by the multi talented Sylvia Vanderpool, especially when she growls "Come here lover boy" in her response in the question and answer sequence. This track is a wonderful example of the musical melting pot that was taking place in the cities of fifties America, here melding the blues with West African palm wine music via pre-Castro Cuba. Whatever it is, it's unique and it works.

I normally don't go for the live versions unless they're available on vinyl, but if you want to hear the cocktail lounge mix which is also delightful, check out this appearance by them on the US Steve Allen Show, where they both indulge in a few animal noises:

Okay, that's three versions of the same song. But, you have to admit, this is that special.

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