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I Wonder Why - Billy Preston

Around about the time he recorded this, Billy Preston fell out with Sly Stone when he discovered the latter in bed with his fiance (Sly later married her) Understandably, this severely upset Billy, and certainly didn't help a man who was at that time struggling with his sexuality. Shortly before his death in 2006 Preston revealed that he was gay, and that this had caused him many problems over the years, with self denial caused by its conflict with his strong Christian beliefs.

Is there any love to be found

in this old cold town

can't get love no matter how I try

I wonder why

Can't seem to find a smiling face

what's happening to the human race

everything they said turned out to be a lie

I wonder why

Billy played keyboards with just about everyone, including Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Ray Charles, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and also cut a really soulful vocal, given half a chance, and all the film and photos of him show him noticeably standing out as a very happy, smiling guy. But this sad and beautiful song may hold the key to that smiling face.

everybody's trying the their best to survive

cause it's so hard nowadays just to stay alive

no one appreciates you when you cry

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