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Mexico - Belcirque

Now for something to cheer us up, this wonderful, cheeky Belgian girl group with a difference. The difference being that four of them are part of the acrobatic performing group Sur Mesur which I had the pleasure of putting on the summer before last. They supply an accompaniment of gently alluring Mid-Western swing to the assorted trampolining and acrobatics of four hunky young guys. The whole affect is agreeably surreal. People turn up to watch the acrobatics, which are indeed impressive, but the show would be nothing if it were not for the music. It was totally charming, a sort of Magritte on pot, the kind of pleasure you can relax in, like taking your time in a warm bath. And in a curious way, they didn't seem to be aware of the beauty of the combination they had created. But of course they were, at least a little, as the teasing parody of film noir in the video (and song) Mexico show.

I went for a meal with them the night before the show, and rather wickedly, explained that an old British dinner party game was to think of the names of seven Famous Belgians, footballers, royalty and politicians not allowed. They couldn't. They then challenged me to do 7 English. It was a cinch. It got us to dessert, which was a souffle, light and delicious, like their music.

When I pick my youngest up on Sunday mornings after the usual wild teen party, this what I usually have on when she gets in the car, and as a musical hair of the dog, it works a treat.

As for the Belgians, I've got Rubens, Herge, Simenon, Magritte, Jacques Brel, the Singing Nun and Eddy Merckx.

Any takers?

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