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You Always Hurt the One You Love - the Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers were the precursers of doo-wop and also the first great early US black harmony group. This is wonderful , starting with a solo slow croon, then quickly breaks into a jazzy rhythm track with Les Paul electric guitar and New Orleans style honky tonk piano doing the fills. At discos this one, after the opening quizzical looks ("Has he lost it? What's he put this on for?"), always has them dancing, no matter what their age, even today, 74 years after it's release.

But it's the measured vocal by Donald Mills that really makes it, graduating to smooth, smooth jazz phrasing that's r&b before its time. Then the brothers come in, we're not alone, bliss. By the end the brothers, the band, you and the neighbours (because by now you've turned it up to full volume) are all having so much fun. More, more, more they call. You've no option but to play it again!

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