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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) -Darlene Love

Uncle Stylus never covers the same song twice. But here's the exception - this song was the post exactly a year ago today. And it will be the post a year from now. If Letterman can do it, so can I. Why? Well Letterman and I both agree that this is the greatest Christmas single that ever was. There are other contenders, the Pogues, John and Yoko, Slade even, but this is the best.

The reasons? Check out the aforementioned post for 25th December, 2017. Suffice to say, with the volume turned up to maximum, this has everything that the celebrating angels are supposed to have had in their "choir" two thousand odd years ago: exultation, joy, intensely moving emotion, a terrific climax, and something extra: the most perfect example of the Wall of Sound, with Hal Blaine drumming driving it along as Leon Russell's piano crescendos alongside Darlene Love's stellar vocal performance. Even the angel on the tambourine sounds great.

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