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Ride Your Pony - Lee Dorsey

".....way out west where the grass is green California, you know what I mean New York City & Detroit too on to New Orleans, the home of the blues St. Louis where the girls are pretty Atlanta, GA, what a swinging city

got to make Chicago that's for sure

move on to Baltimore...."

Okay we're back on the the move on our US travelogue of towns and cities. But although New Orleans soul singer Dorsey may at first seem to be re-running his own version of the pony express, complete with cowboys and shoot-outs, once you realise that he's not singing "sister" but "get out your pistol" then the subsequent "get ready, now, shoot" takes on a double entendre that is more about making love than war.

After all, it was 1966. Uplifting way to start the week though!

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