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Fallin' in Love - Souther Hillman Furay Band

If you've ever got those Monday evening blues - and I have - you've just sat through an office Monday much the same as any other office Monday and you know you have another relatively dismal week ahead, when you'd rather be elsewhere doing something that's either better for the world or better for you, then what you need is a bit of Ritchie Furay Buck-u-uppo to get you up on your feet again.

Back to our thread, we've featured ex Buffalo Springfield members Stills, Young and Messina, now it's time for the most underrated of the band, the wonderful Richie Furay, whose voice has the unique quality of being tender and soft while at the same time ripping your head off. Listening to him is as exhilarating as leaping from a hot sauna into a barrel of nearly melting honeycombe ice cream: it makes you feel alive and shivery and tastes great. And he somehow manages to hit that tingly point in your spine more often than most, here it happens when he sings the word "bright" in the line

"'s sure shining bright"

and when he hits that high note, you know your week isn't so bad after all, and there's good things all the way.

Yeeeehaaah! Come on Tuesday. I'm ready for you!

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