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(Take Me In Your) Lifeboat - Chris Hillman

While we're mixing rock with music forms like country and bluegrass, we should mention another of the pioneers of the West Coast folk / rock / country genre, Chris Hillman. From the Byrds to mucker of Gram Parsons in the Flying Burrito Brothers, Richie Furay in the Souther Hillman Furay Band, and indeed of Stephen Stills in Manassas, he has been at the heart of the country rock journey. Possibly the most grounded of the Byrds, Hillman consistently delivers. Here he teams up with ex-Eagle Bernie Leadon on guitar and vocals with the fabulous Byron Berline on fiddle and the equally fabulous Herb Pedersen on banjo who scorchingly converse throughout. On the "I'll get you through the week" theme, this will grab you by the collar and yank you out of any Wednesday dip you might have fallen into.

I've nothing more to say about this great song except for one word: wheee-hah!

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