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Oh no not my Baby - Maxine Brown

Not only a hit by Mr Stewart, but an earlier smash from UK's Manfred Mann, this Gerry Goffin / Carole King composition was originally cut by the Shirelles, but was rejected as not good enough for them and given to Scepter labelmate Maxine Brown. There's a story on Wikipedia that says Maxine herself borrowed the title and chorus tune from some girls singing as they jumped a skipping rope outside her window, but I don't buy it, as how come she doesn't get a writing credit? Also I reckon they would have tripped up if they tried to skip to "Oh No Not My Baby" even if it was speeded up. But it's a nice idea, the thought that the natural rhythm of kids playing could result in such a hopeful song about the merits of staying faithful to your true love. Her steadfastness is reflected in her studied, careful vocal, and the romantic, almost naive, string arrangement.

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