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Little Latin Lupe Lu - the Righteous Brothers

Also to be played loud for best affect.

From the imitators to the real McCoy, only a year before Phil Spector got hold of them, this 1963 release by the Righteous Brothers was their first single, and things don't get much fresher or blue-eyed soulful than this. Bill Medley - one half of the Righteous Brothers - penned this himself, self Righteous you might say.

I was listening to it a few decades back when someone said I shouldn't, as it was sexist. So, for the record Pru, when they sing:

"She's my mash potato baby"

they are referring to the mash potato dance in vogue along with the twist and shake in the early sixties. The whole track's a great groove, what with the interplay between Medley and Bobby Hatfield on the one side, and the eager brass section on the other, both of whom start relatively sedately but by the end of the first verse have upped the passion and are really going for it

"papapapa lupe lu"

finally all going bananas on the third chorus when they then fade, already audibly tiring from exhaustion. She must have been some dancer, that Lupe Lu, aka Lupe Laguna who Medley dated while at Santa Ana High School in Orange County, California in 1958, to leave him still this excited some five years later.

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