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Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Week No 9: After All

Claudette Rogers was one of the original Miracles in 1958, joining them just before they changed their name from the Matadors to the Miracles. A year later they got married and she became Claudette Robinson; they tried to raise a family, but, after a string of miscarriages, she retired from touring with the group, and to maintain consistency between their public appearances and their publicity, was from then on never photographed with the group on album covers or marketing releases. She did, however, continue as a Miracle, singing on all of their recordings until 1972, when she and Smokey both left the group, both ostensibly to concentrate on their family (by now they had two children), although this did not stop Smokey from releasing a solo album a year later. They divorced in 1986.

This is Claudette taking the lead on "After All" from their first album: "Hi .... We're the Miracles" on a song written by hubbie Smokey. This a great piece of neo doo-wop but what makes it is Claudette's vocal that reaches the brave, lonely intensity of some the best girl group songs.

"Still I ask myself why do you always make me sad why do you always treat me bad, after all after all, I'm the one who loves you still I ask myself why do you always hurt my pride when you know I'll always be by your side, after all after all, I'm the one who loves you"

You can't help wondering if this is some kind of confession by Smokey, putting the words he knows she ought to be feeling in her mouth.

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