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Let's Get Together - Jefferson Airplane

From the same album "Takes Off" a real hippy love message penned by Chester Powers aka Dino Valenti, later lead singer of the legendary San Francisco band Quicksilver Messenger Service. Here we have Marty Balin opening up before harmonising with Paul Kantner and then - no it isn't, it's not Grace Slick - it's the extraordinarily named Signe Toly Anderson. Grace Slick wasn't on the maiden Jefferson Airplane album. She replaced Anderson when the latter left the band to have a baby just after the first LP was released. This album, and particularly this track, with its strong country structure and chunky rock guitar chords, set a template for many folk bands looking to modernise their sound, and was particularly noted by folkies in the UK.

Curiously while this mantle was taken up by what became the British Folk Rock movement, Jefferson Airplane, with Slick at the vocal helm, moved increasingly into rock music. No-one had been making records that sounded like this before the Airplane did it in 1966. It seems hard to credit now, but many people just didn't understand this music at all then. If you don't believe me just take a listen to the hideous version of the same song by the Dave Clark Five, featuring no less a luminary than Madeleine Bell on guest vocals. No, on second thoughts, better not; stick with his version and sleep well, rather than wake up with the screaming heebie jeebies.

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