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Who Knows Where the Time Goes? - Fairport Convention

Listening to what was going on on the US West Coast as attentively as any, was Londoner Sandy Denny, who continued the productive dialogue between the two English speaking music giants. Many versions of this song abound, including three by Ms Denny herself, the first a solo effort for a demo, the second with the Strawbs but this is the best from Fairport Convention's third album "Unhalfbricking". One doesn't have to go into the details of Denny's tragic decline and early death at the age of 31 to evoke the mood of this beautiful song, nor to turn over one's own memories or think of one's own old flames or lost childhood. It's all in the song, Denny's haunting vocal, Richard Thompson's musing guitar accompaniment, a musical expression of pure emotion, the nameless flavour of all those bittersweet things none of us will ever get back. Immortal (ironically).

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