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The Supernatural - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

From 1965 onwards, English blues guitarist and singer John Mayall and his band the Bluesbreakers had an ever changing line-up that provided a valuable learning platform for many young musicians, among whom were Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Mick Taylor (later of the Rolling Stones), Andy Fraser (Free), Aynsley Dunbar (played with many of the greats and a member of Jefferson Starship), Jon Hiseman and Dick Heckstall-Smith (both of Colosseum). Former Bluesbreakers, along with ex members of Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, were to form the bedrock of British rock music.

Mayall's first studio album "Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton" reached number 6 in the UK album charts so you can understand producer Mike Vernon's chagrin when he turned up at the studio to start recording the follow-up:

"As the band walked in the studio I noticed an amplifier which I never saw before, so I said to John Mayall, "Where's Eric Clapton?" Mayall answered, "He's not with us anymore, he left us a few weeks ago." I was in a shock of state but Mayall said, "Don't worry, we got someone better." I said, "Wait a minute, hang on a second, this is ridiculous. You've got someone better??? Then Eric Clapton???" John said, "He might not be better now, but you wait, in a couple of years he's going to be the best." Then he introduced me to Peter Green."

(lifted from Internet Archive Wayback Machine - Peter Green Biography)

This track from the subsequent Bluesbreakers album "A Hard Road" gives us a taste of what was to come. It is important to note that this was recorded in late 1966, so no guitar music quite like this had ever been put on vinyl before.

I usually don't pay much mind to the customer comments on Youtube but the post by Patrick Lamire one year ago is food for thought:

"Every good idea Carlos Santana ever stole, even the latin percussion."

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