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Hard Rock Cafe - Carole King

Just had a break in sunny Wales. Lots of eating out and long walks but a really enjoyable week. Climbed Mount Snowden, on the Watkins Route - apparently the second hardest.

Hence the break in posts. We've all got to switch off and let go sometimes. Which is what the normally sombre Carole King is doing here, just for a change. This is from her 1977 album "Simple Things" and I guess nowadays looks like shameless advertising, but back in the seventies open late and, at weekends, usually hosting a really good band, the Hard Rock Cafe's in London at least, were great places to go. And Carole sounds happy and relaxed, as is the point of the song, which she seldom does. Perhaps she should have gone there more often.

"And if you're feeling just a little bit lonely don't sit at home just moping come on down to where the spirits flow so free you know the door is always open

at the Hard Rock Cafe come to the Hard Rock Cafe they will help keep your blues at bay at the Hard Rock Cafe"

or just get out, that'll do it.

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