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After the Goldrush - Neil Young

The band Heart (see last two posts) were originally called The Army but then changed their name to White Heart, a moniker in turn borrowed, with permission, from a defunct band called "White Hart". The latter had originally been named after science fiction author Arthur C Clarke's 1957 short story collection "Tales from the White Hart".

The White Hart of the book was modelled on the White Horse, a pub in Hatton Garden, in central London, where, during the late forties and fifties, the science fiction authors of the time used to meet up on a regular basis, and chew the fat.

After the break up of Buffalo Springfield (see post Feb 1st 2019, ) Richie Furay formed folk rock band Poco (see last post and posts and ), Steve Stills joined up with David Crosby of the Byrds and Graham Nash of the Hollies to form the Crosby, Stills and Nash "supergroup" (CSN). Neil Young made a couple of solo albums which were unsuccessful. In 1969 he joined CSN, adding a "Y" to the namelist, and ensured the success of his subsequent albums from "After the Goldrush", of which this is the title track, onwards. Not that it wouldn't have been successful anyway: his combination of beautiful melodies, high-pitched vocals and lyrics of startling poetic intensity, along with his eclectic mix of folk and bitingly heavy, grungy rock, was something entirely new at the time.

I have never seen it mentioned anywhere else before, but I am convinced that the events in the final verse of "After the Goldrush" describe the final chapters of Arthur C Clarke's novel "Childhood's End" where the children of mankind, highly evolved beyond our human stage, ascend to alien spaceships to leave the doomed earth behind.

"Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying

in the yellow haze of the sun

there were children crying and colours flying

all around the chosen ones -

all in a dream, all in a dream

the loading had begun

flyin' mother nature's silver seed

to a new home in the sun

flyin' mother nature's silver seed

To a new home."

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