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Dion Week No 3: Sandy - Dion

Several of Dion's original hits had girl's names in their titles: "Runaround Sue", "Little Diane" and "Sandy". His girlfriend of the time was a certain Sue, but he's always insisted that it was another Sue he was singing about, someone from High School that he'd fancied from afar, which is just as well as he's now been happily married to the original Sue for going on fifty years.

He's seems a bit confused about Sandy though: she's dumped him, she's been untrue to him, but he's got someone else, and he's dumping her - we're not sure who dumped who first, but whatever the reality, he's still crazy over her:

"Why must I love you so much?

Sandy I long for your touch"

but he seems desperate for just about anyone

"I love a girl around the corner

- just found out she's no good

I left her - didn't even want her

but I'd crawl back if I could"

so, is this a song more about his own insecurities, rather than Sandy's infidelity, or is she the one that's put him in this state? Either way he's completely scatty about her in more ways than one.

Great pace, great band, especially the drummer, and particularly fine backing singing from Dion's now regular accompanists the Del-Satins, who harmonise perfectly, are never obtrusive and are always spot-on with their timing. Dion seems to be trying to cram all his emotions and words into the song's 2 minutes 19 seconds, so that at times he's actually gasping for breath, perfectly expressing the confusion in his heart, and his hurry to get a girl. A superb dancer for the disorientated.


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