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Dion Week No 9: Love Came to Me - Dion

Several Stylus followers have asked for more Dion, but we can always go back there in the future. We normally spin some Christmas platters at this time of year, so we'll finish the Dion by going back to the time of his greatest commercial success with this gem from 1962, written by Dion and guitarist John Falbo.

Once again, there a great scat / doo-wop backing refrain, which Dion leans into, like a sleepy leopard, stretching on a sofa after a long sleep. His lilting vocal is almost - but not quite - hesitant, as though he can only just find the words. Wonderful singing and some great, simple rhymes:

"I'm in a whirl

- I love that girl"


"Our love is a gas

and I know it'll last"

It did of course, Suzie's still with him 58 years on.

For further seasonal, heartcockle warming, check him out performing this in 2004:


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