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Dirty Mind - Jeff Beck

Over the years, Jeff Beck has been consistently more popular in the US than in the UK: in America, all of his 12 solo albums have fared better in the States than in Europe. Of those 12, 5 were purely instrumental. It could be that Beck spent quite a bit of time over there touring, or was it because, after the sixties, there was more appreciation for the great rock guitarists over the pond?

In the seventies, after the demise of Beck, Bogert and Appice, Beck recorded three albums: "Wired" (1975), "Blow by Blow" (1978) and "There and Back" (released 1980), all of which were wholly instrumental, and which, although sales were less with each succeeding release, were each one even better than the one before. These records pushed the limits of rock/jazz fusion as originally trailblazed by John McLaughlin in his Mahavishnu Orchestra without ever getting as esoteric as McLaughlin. Having proven his consummate artistry as a guitarist, Beck then used his skills to make series of albums that consistently showed how virtuoso heavy blues-based electric guitar could be the golden vein in all kinds of rock music.

This is one of the two "non instrumental" tracks from his wonderful 2001 LP, "You Had It Coming" and features singer Imogen Heap, mostly making excited breathing noises. And who can blame her when Beck's guitar and Steve Alexander's drumming is so hot? I'm at it too. Or is that just your dirty mind? Dancing on the table of course.

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