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Done - Frazey Ford

One of the many good things about the Be Good Tanyas is the way they all go away and work on solo projects while keeping the band going as a kind of trustworthy base to return to when they need to reground. Even Jolie Holland, who officially left the band in 2000, often pops up to lend a backing vocal here, a fiddle or guitar there, and in 2017 joined with current Tanya Samantha Parton to produce the album "Wildflower Blues". Their solo output is always subtly different from the group's music, as though they're taking time out to explore a different side of their personality.

Frazey Ford's three solo albums, for example, are definitely soul music rather than folk rock, even to the point of recording the LP "Indian Summer" with Al Green's legendary Hi Records backing band in Memphis, from which record both the wonderful "September Fields" ( see and this track "Done" come.

The result sounds authentic indeed, like time travelling back to the early seventies, but listening through the ears of now. Ford's sultry vocal comes across as if The French Lieutenant's Woman is strolling down Beale Street with the uncredited horns melting like hot butter over the Hammond organ of the Reverend Charles Hodges Senior. What could be more Southern than that? Well done indeed, as done as a Tennessee Mountain Apple Stack Cake.

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