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I Can Hear Music - the Beach Boys

Ellie Greenwich died of a heart attack in August 2009. Less than 4 months later she and Barry received the Ahmet Ertegun Award along with other Brill Building songwriters including Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann. Ellie's award was fittingly accepted by her sister Laura - see two posts ago - who was in name at least a third of the Raindrops, the other two being Ellie and Jeff Barry, way back in 196.

Ellie wrote "I Can Hear Music" with Barry and Phil Spector for the Ronettes in 1966 but the song had scant chart success until the Beach Boys covered it two years later. The song is significant as it was the first major piece of production for the band by Carl Wilson, although, make no mistake about it, brother Brian's helping hand is as present throughout as are his vocals. Brian always acknowledged the massive influence that Spector's girl group tracks with the Crystals, the Ronettes and Darlene Love had on his own production, and Ellie Greenwich was an important part of this.

This beautiful track serves as an appropriate memorial to a woman who arguably was the greatest tunewriter of sixties American pop.


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