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In the Days - Po' Girl

left to right Jeremy Lindsey, Allison Russell and Awna Texeira

Po' Girl is one of those modern bands who never seem to actually break up but rather gradually drift apart as their members pursue solo projects or return to former bands or form new ones. Awna Texeira, the other half to Allison Russell in the latter day Po' Girl (see last post), came from a Portuguese Canadian family. Last year she travelled to Portugal to seek out her roots. Last November she became ill, necessitating a serious operation. As the months went by, with no on-line presence from the operation's eve onwards, I was beginning to fear the worse until I came across a post from Russell and her partner Jeremy Lindsay saying she was recovering well but slowly, and would be unable to work for 6 months. Thus, unable to perform and with no income coming in, the site is a necessary fundraiser to tide Texeira over until she returns to full health. The site is so, if you like her music, please give generously, so we can have the chance to see her performing on stage again soon.

"In the Days" features her warm lead vocal and hot banjo picking along with Russell's distinct clarinet and Texeira's lyrics are too much a celebration of life to be the epitaph I thought it might have been. "In the Days" is from Po' Girl's excellent last album, appropriately entitled "Follow Your Bliss":

"Remember me on a sunny afternoon,

remember me like a warm wind in June,

remember me when the moon is high above,

you can dream and you can love about it all.

In the days when you sang the night away

In the days your smile would rarely fade

Heart is full of laughter and tears, all through the years remember me.

Remember me planting flowers in the spring,

remember me truly sorry for everything,

remember me in the stars up above,

you can dream and you can love about it all....."

Here's to you Awna, get well quick, we want you back.


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