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Mean Old World - Chicken Shack

The sad news of the death of Christine McVie nee Perfect interrupts our rounding off of the music of Lamont Dozier and co. In the same way that one of the great strengths of Motown - one of the greatest pop producing machines that has ever existed - was based on the engine room of its top Detroit jazz musicians, the sixties blues credentials of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Christine were the musical bedrock upon which Fleetwood Mac, perhaps the most successful pop/rock band ever, and the catchy songs of Buckingham, Nix and, again, Christine McVie, were able to flourish.

Here she is, with Stourbridge blues / rock outfit Chicken Shack, her first band, way back in 1969, showing off those credentials in style.

Her laconic take on the blues is totally unique: English, laid back and resignedly despairing all at the same time. A mean old world indeed. And some mean old piano to go with it.


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