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Palmyra - Jolie Holland

Still emotionally drained after the superb Jolie Holland set at Komedia in Brighton on Sunday night. In really good rock concerts there's always a moment where everything takes off, and you wallow in aural happiness and are just THERE, there in the present. On Sunday this was happening with nearly every song, like an audial firework display.

One of these was in "Palmyra" with the wonderful line

"...put my lipstick back on"

as drummer Mike Coykendall and lead guitar Mark McKowski kicked in, languid but fiery, perfectly matching Holland's laconic vocal, as though they're in love, as though their lives depended on it. Just a trio, but a trio conceived, as I understand it, in Portland Oregon, but surely made in heaven, they played so well together. Straight into my top ten gigs ever.

They're off to Europe for the next fortnight so if you fancy a couple of days in Barcelona or Vienna or Copenhagen, somewhere different, Jodie Holland will provide the cream on your exotic Spring break cake.

Catch her if you can.

"....have to hit that long road that passes straight through hell,

straight through hell, straight through hell

I wish you well sweet Palmyra..."


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