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(The Best Part of) Breaking Up - the Ronettes

"the best part of breaking up is when you're making up...."

Generally true, especially in the world of romcoms and idealised love. But not always.

One pictures Ronnie Spector escaping the Beverley Hills' mansion home that has become a prison in her marriage with producer Phil Spector, running barefoot over the gravel to her waiting mother, barefoot because Phil had confiscated all her shoes just so she couldn't get away (see post Jan 25, 2021 ). Maybe the song was wishful thinking on the part of co-songwriter, producer and husband Phil, but it's clear that, so far as Ronnie was concerned, the best part of breaking up was staying broken up.

Which may be why Ronnie's terrific lead vocal sounds so sullen and sultry: even this early in their relationship she's having second thoughts. Who said Americans don't "get" irony?


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